In-work Food Poverty

A common misconception is that there is one kind of person who uses a food bank or requires emergency food aid. If someone is hungry they must be out of work or living on the street. What we have found from working with countless organisations across the country is that anyone can experience hunger, and there is no one food bank user.

In an Oxford University study on foodbank usage in the UK, Dr. Rachel Loopstra found that one in six households who accessed support received some income from part time employment. While full time employment appears to be protective against the need to use foodbanks, there is concern that the stigma associated with foodbanks may in effect deter those in need from seeking assistance.

A major new study carried out by GQR for the UK’s Trades Union Congress shows the extent of financial hardship facing working people in Britain: one in eight workers have skipped a meal due to lack of money.

We are thus keen to to build up a bank of evidence over the next six months on people in work who are hungry, so we can then publish a major report highlighting this hidden aspect of hunger. We are also open to hearing evidence from other areas, so if you would like to share your evidence to inform our work, please email